Pick your favorite boot screen for 20.10!

What boot screen do you like? Black? A nice plain logo? Some text showing off Ubuntu Cinnamon swag? You can now vote for what you want to see in 20.10.

In 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla”, we will feature our GRUB and Plymouth boot screens. But, which one should we pick? Best way to pick is the community.

Poll #1 already happened, and Poll #2 is in progress. In the next 5 days, you can vote for your favorite themes.

After this poll, in a few weeks we will open up our third and final poll. We will then record all the numbers, and find the average and get the correct majority to see what boot screen we will get for 20.10.

After the polls are done and we have a winner, we will run a poll somewhere (Google Forms, on the website if possible, etc) that will allow us to better customize our theme to your fitting.

So vote for your favorites! Examples are in the thread.

Twitter Poll:

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