Personal Developer Update + 22.10 Information

Hello everyone,

This is a personal developer update for myself. No, the project is not dead. It will just be a bit quiet these next few months. Let me explain why.

I got accepted into a magnet school – for those who don’t know, it is a regular high school but you have to apply to get in. It has a near 100% graduation and college preparation rate, and is a long application process (Essay, math test, interview and for those who got in, placement math test). However, I will be leaving my school district and my time with my friends is now more limited than ever.

With electives/after-school activities, the school day can end up to an hour later than the regular high school, which is a lot. If my promise to come back to my elementary school was serious, a promise to come back to my current school or my town’s High School would be a joke.

That being said, I need these last few months of school of standardized testing, music concerts and graduation for me and my friends. For that, while 22.10 Kinetic Kudu development is open, I will not be publishing any builds until late June or Memorial Day (US).

I also have other fun stuff and development I want to do, but I’m overwhelmed with other activities that I’ll be honest, made me feel like I put 80% effort into the 22.04 release. I could have done better in several areas (which I won’t detail not to embarrass myself) and probably QA tested better, but I will say that if you want to keep up with me, social media and my GitHub ( are great places to start. I will also soon be creating a GitHub page for myself that will also serve as my blog (I don’t care about the Twitter poll I ran that had more people say I should not start one up, but I am going to go on a lot of rants).

In other news, I also want to make it clear (because I made a whole rant about Snap which was widely debated in my personal response to the Steam Snap) that while I like snaps, I do not necessarily agree with them on anything, but they are going to stay in Ubuntu Cinnamon. If you do not like it, just uninstall snap. No insults would be taken to me or the snap developers.

One final thing: As soon as I push them, I have created color variations of the Ubuntu Cinnamon logo that you can use on your Cinnamon desktop to help fit in more with your panel, or whatever you use it for. Once pushed, they will be located at

Once again, I appreciate; and I really do mean it, all the support given throughout the past two years. And I promised our Patrons on Patreon I would keep them updated (and I never did) but some of you guys are still donating (despite I still need to setup a PayPal or one-time donation thing!) which really makes me smile. A little dollar goes a long way. It really does.

Thank you,
-Joshua Peisach

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