One Week left to Vote For Your Preferences on your boot screens

In the last month we have had some polls over which told us which boot screen you want-and you all chose Flicker Free.

But there are MANY types of Flicker-Free. How do we know what we are doing? This is what we are doing.

For example, we just asked if we are doing Flicker-Free, an Icon/Logo, or a text. You all voted as a majority-Flicker Free. But where do we place the icon? Does it have text? Are we putting a picture of the PC manufacturer (if available)? All questions we need to know. We also need to figure out our Bootloader themes.

We opened up a final Google Form to answer all of these questions. We will run this for about a week-and after that you can still vote, but we won’t be looking at the responses. So make sure you fill those responses in!


See you all later and stay safe!

-Josh Peisach

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