Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” Release Notes

Hello everyone! It’s that time again of release! Here are all the changes that we and the amazing team of Linux Mint has made to extend the better experience of your Cinnamon desktop environment.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.04 Release Notes

Main Desktop (Maintained by Linux Mint and Debian)

  • Cinnamon Desktop and Environment 4.4x series
    • Ubuntu Cinnamon Known Issue: Uses more RAM-about 1.1 – 1.4 GB. Not too big of an issue.
    • Menu now distinguishes apps with the same name (e.g. two software managers named “Software Manager” will now be followed by the name of the package it came from, e.g “Software Manager (package)”.
    • Nemo: You can now pin files in the file manager! Right click to Pin and if pinned, right click to Unpin. The pinned item will always show up first.

Image Credit (both images): Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon Release Notes

  • On-Screen Keyboard can be activated in the screensaver settings.
  • Screensaver fader has now been removed.
  • New options have been added for privacy settings for internet checking.
  • Customizing your desktop, windows, and panels are now as easy as ever.
  • HiDPI Monitors are now supported!
  • New, better fading with the startup animation
  • Improved and partially rewritten in a few areas!

    Ubuntu Cinnamon Environment

  • Calamares-settings-cinnamon-remix -> Version 20:20.04.6
  • cinnamon-folder-color -> Version 0.2 (Code by Costales, same package as folder-color-nemo, read more below!)
  • ubuntucinnamon-meta -> Version 0.19
  • ubuntucinnamon-layout -> Version 0.8 (read more below!)
  • ubuntucinnamon-environment -> 0.1.6
  • ubuntucinnamon-wallpapers -> 20.04.2
  • All other applications have been bumped +1 version to upgrade to Focal.

    What’s New?

  • Cinnamon-Layout!
    • Change the layout of your Cinnamon desktop using our preset settings, with the options of:
      • default (Windows XP-like)
  • redmond7 (Windows 7-like)
  • widescreen (left panel)
  • unity (Ubuntu Unity-like)
  • gnome 2 / MATE
  • Cupertino (Mac OSX-like)
  • If you have a preferred layout, you can set your own default layouts to also be able to switch back to.
  • Thanks to Rik Shaw from Wasta Linux for letting us make this package, along with building the source code and helping us! Check out his project, Wasta Linux!
  • ubuntucinnamon-meta
    • Get more out of your software with software-properties and GTK-properties packages
    • Backup your copy of Ubuntu Cinnamon with Deja-Dup!
    • More GTK and Icon Themes now come pre-installed, such as Adapta
  • You can now use Gnome Disks to configure your disk  partitions!
  • Manage your RAM usage with GNOME’s System Monitor
  • Gedit now replaces Pluma as the default text editor
  • ubuntucinnamon-environment
    • Now have cinnamon’s sounds from Linux Mint! Copied from Linux Mint’s Artwork Package
  • cinnamon-folder-color
    • Folder-color-nemo package by Costales! Change the colors of your folders and even add some sweet emblems to them!
  • calamares-settings-cinnamon-remix
    • Now added a “Thank You” slide for those who install Ubuntu Cinnamon! It also shows the links of all our social media platforms.
  • ubuntucinnamon-wallpapers
    • Great, amazing new 24 wallpapers

Coming to Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.10

  • Artwork Package
    • GRUB and Plymouth Theme’s. Stay active on our Twitter to vote for your favorite boot screens!
  • Extras Package
    • All your favorite Cinnamon Spices! (Themes, Extensions, Applets, and Desklets)

That’s pretty much it for Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.04 release notes! Thanks to all who have contributed to the Cinnamon desktop project, the Debian Cinnamon Team and this project.

-Joshua Peisach

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