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Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.10 Testing Week is Underway

Hello everyone,

It’s time to leave our Heron behind back at focal-because now the only direction ahead is forwards!

The second (and maybe final) Ubuntu Testing Week is now underway for 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. There isn’t much changes but:

We have switched to Arc/Numix themes (Arc for GTK and Numix for Icons)

We now have clipman installed as our Clipboard Manager-always useful to have.

And that’s pretty much it. Only other talk is we may remove Ubuntu Cinnamon Spices (as they aren’t meant to be packaged, just installed via Cinnamon DE) so expect a removal.

All Ubuntu Flavors/Products are participating in this testing week and we are proud to as well. Make sure to join the Ubuntu Testers Telegram:

To help, download an ISO (ours, or go to and download one), and follow the tasks to test out our products/isos.

Instructions for Bug Reporting can be found there. Don’t forget to record your results with your Ubuntu One account!

Anyways, that’s pretty much it, go download!

Sourceforge: (Select latest ISO)

Google Drive:

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