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Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 Groovy Gorilla Beta Released

Hello everyone,

I am glad to share that Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 ‘Groovy Gorilla’ Beta has been released for testing.

For any Ubuntu Cinnamon Package related bugs found while testing, contact us on social media (email, twitter, discord, etc.)

For any other package, use ubuntu-bug (package)

Along with testing Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, test our friends at Ubuntu Unity Remix and UbuntuDDE Remix.

Make sure to report your findings (if available) at for it to be sent to developers for further help. Report a Launchpad Bug or nothing will change essentially.

That’s it essentially, thanks for reading! Release Notes will be available soon and as always, we only have one developer (me) doing all the work, our release can be very great if you come to help out, so reach out if you’re interested in contributing to the project.

Have a great weekend!

-Josh Peisach

Sourceforge: (Labeled with BETA)
Google Drive:

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