Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” Released!

Hello everyone,

On behalf of myself, and the other few people who’ve dropped in to contribute, I am proud to announce to the release of Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10, codename “Groovy Gorilla”

This release has been more of a learning experience and a ride through stress. I was originally very excited and had tons of ideas, but along the way we learned about arching/leaning closer to flavor status, and other ideas to help expand our distro.

Unfortunately, I felt like I haven’t accomplished much, but behalf on the other developers, all I can say is, we have made mistakes of how we handled our development of 20.04.1, and all I can say for our Ubuntu Cinnamon distro-specific changes are that if you upgraded/updated your 20.04, you’re good to go.

So, the main changes for what we have:

  • Say goodbye to the other Cinnamon sounds; we now use the official Ubuntu sounds.
  • We have some Kimmo theme design fixes; we will plan to try to recolor the Yaru theme for our Cinnamon theme, and hopefully I can maybe adapt it to other flavors/remixes to, to show us all as Ubuntuflavors/remixes, we are together as one.
  • Due to the better sounds, you now hear how loud your volume is while you change it.
  • It seems Rhythmbox may have been missed; so we re-added it.
  • We removed ubuntucinnamon-spices; they are meant to be installed via Cinnamon through Cinnamon, and Debian packaging for it is messy and not worth the time. It’s best for stability.

And here is what the Cinnamon Team has been cooking in 4.6.6:

  • The system tray looks much neater/nicer.
  • Nemo has changed in it’s prioritizing of content and speed/performance. Thumbnails have changed too, so now it’ll be faster to copy your movies from folder to folder.
  • Cinnamon 4.6 now has better Monitor Support. This includes:
    * Fractional Scaling
    * Refresh Rate
    * Resolution
    * More monitor configuration
    * Application sizes/icons now fit with the screen size.
  • There is more customization in the Keyboard Applet and Cinnamon Screensaver
  • elogind support was fixed.

There will be lots more fixes in Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04 (Which I hope to have us be an official flavor by then, I have plans that MAY allow us for that), including with expanding Cinnamon to the best it can get.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and our donors at Patreon for all the support they’ve given us.

Make sure you also join our Discord Server as we need more members:

-Joshua Peisach



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