Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo” Released!

Hello everyone,

On behalf of all the developers and designers, we are proud to announce our fourth release of Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, the 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo!”

I’m personally not surprised we aren’t a flavor status yet but it’s better not to rush and take our time.. so I’ve decided not to set a long goal but not to take too long. Besides, most of the time the differences aren’t really visible.

Anyways it’s been an interesting development cycle to say the least. We branched off of Yaru to put in a new set of icons and we are patching stuff to work together with the Cinnamon team more than ever.

Onto the release notes!

  • Cinnamon 4.8.6
    • A minor security issue with the screensaver crashing when using special characters has been fixed.
    • Implemented suspend-then-hibernate
    • A handful of Grouped Window List fixes
    • Fixed issues with the menu search mechanism
    • Pretty much all the applets other have stability fixes, such as ensuring network connections and icon fixes. There is also a new favorites applet that can be used and is also implemented into Nemo.
    • Ported to a newer and maintained version of mozjs (52 to 78). This way we can be closer with GNOME and this can fix any issues if brought up.
    • Flatpak integration has been improved
  • Nemo File Manager 4.8.5
    • You can now preview files up to 64 GB
    • Favorites support
    • Stability fixes pretty much everywhere.

Our Ubuntu Cinnamon Environment:

  • We now have branched from the Yaru theme and recolored it into Yaru-Cinnamon (like Yaru-MATE). We use our #DD682A and a brown color to give a nice theme. There are a few changes with fixes that have to be made in the icon theme but those can be pushed out later in stable release updates.

It’s not too big of a release but definitely something to be proud of. Our plans for the next release besides working to get closer to flavor status are going to have nemo extensions. Also there’s plans for a new Ubuntu Desktop Installer that we may be able to use os for now, let’s stick with Calamares and then switch to the new installer when it’s ready.

Of course, be on the lookout for updates, especially with the Yaru-Cinnamon icon themes.

  • This seems like a short release notes list. What have you guys been up to?

    Besides me and my personal life, I’ve been planning for the future of UCR. We have also begun doing what we really should have been doing-we are sending out patches and updates to 20.04 and users using 20.10 (although soon there won’t be many), to ensure that we still maintain those releases for their time periods. This is part of the ways to get upload status and permissions that can allow us to get flavor status.

Anyways, here are the download links. Enjoy!
-Joshua Peisach

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