Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” Released!

Hello everyone!

I am so proud to announce Ubuntu Cinnamon’s first release as an official flavor – 23.04 Lunar Lobster!

In our previous post, we discussed what will change now that we have reached flavor status. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way!

The 23.04 release is Ubuntu Cinnamon’s eighth release (I had to count). Here’s to another eight!

Ubuntu 23.04 as a base contains the Linux Kernel 6.2 (with Rust modules, yay!), systemd v252.5, an updated Ubuntu font, Firefox 111, LibreOffice 7.5.2 and Thunderbird 102.10, to name a few.

Ubuntu Cinnamon ships with Cinnamon 5.6.7 and the rest of the desktop suite. Overall, not much new, but a handful of quality of life and bug fixes. Here are the notable changes:

Cinnamon 5.6.7

(Full Cinnamon changelog)

Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard navigation in the Scale and Expo view
  • GWL app reloading
  • Themes will show up in the theme menu, even if they don’t have GTK 2 support
  • App switcher reverse mouse scroll

New Features

  • Theme separation (light vs. dark vs. darker in the popup)
  • Ability to lock desklets in place
  • System icon in the system information tab (can be enabled)
  • A lot of new keyboard shortcut options and entries
  • Notification duration settings

Nemo 5.6.3

(Full Nemo Changelog)

  • A lot of preferences fixes
  • Some Actions tweaks
  • Small UI improvements

Muffin 5.6.3

(Full Muffin Changelog)

  • Window placement mode is back
  • Tiling fixes

I would like to thank everyone who made this release possible, and those who helped in making Ubuntu Cinnamon an official flavor!

My plans for 23.10 (for now) to use the new Flutter Ubuntu Desktop Installer, have a slideshow, and of course, stay up to date with Cinnamon releases.

One more thing – you can now download directly from the mirror.

Thank you, and enjoy the Lunar Lobster!
-Joshua Peisach

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